Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Baby Gifts

Idea for Baby Gifts

I think these little paintings would make nice shower gifts for babies.  The main reason is that art is so lasting.  I am hoping that the children who receive the paintings will hold onto to these memories from childhood.  I like to imagine that a little painting like this will become a treasure later in life.  Maybe I am too sentimental about this. So that is why I paint things like baby dresses, baby shoes, gift boxes, rubber duckies and I hope to come up with other ideas. 

It reminds me of a friend's idea of giving her granddaughter a painting every year that reflects her age.  It must be getting tough now that her granddaughter is in kindergarten. 

 "It's a Boy"

"It's a Girl"
( I'll take these to Heather Boutique as soon as they are dry).

One more thing, I think it is a good idea to paint a subject many times because you learn something new every time, plus you are more willing to try something new each time. 

Awhile ago I started a board on pinterest with other ideas for baby gifts.  Click here to see it.

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  1. You go, Carol!! Those are some gorgeous gift paintings. Shall I say you have a gift for them? Really, super-awesome inspiring.