Monday, August 25, 2014

Try something new....

One of the things I like about painting is that there is always something new to try.  I happened onto the blog of Karen Appleton and had to try what she explained about how to make transitions of color using thick paint.  So I had to try it for a couple of reasons. 

1 - I like the look of lots of paint
2. - This was a way of making thick paint look more exciting.

Color Transitions  with Thick Paint

Here is a link to the blog that caught my attention.  There is a good photo of an exercise she gave her students in a workshop.

(Blog post for October 2013 about workshop)

I tried it out in this painting:  (very thick paint - zoom in if you can)  It is done with a brush, not a palette knife.  I really laid the paint on thickly. 

Today I'm going to try this again with a box wrapped in polka dot paper.  The paper has happy memories for me because I used it to wrap a present for one of my granddaughters. 

Also, yesterday I took an old painting that I considered to be a flop and reworked with all this in mind.  I was surprised and happy with the results. 

It's all good practice to lead you to what you like best in a painting. 

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