Monday, October 21, 2013

great sale - paint supplies

October 21, 2013 - good sale

By now you know how expensive paint supplies are. 

This weekend I discovered a clearance sale at Hobby Lobby for paint brushes.  These happen to be two of my favorite brands because they keep their edges and have a nice bounce.  The Liquitex is soft and doesn't leave brush marks and the Robert Simmons leave just the amount of brush marks that I like. 

I think Hobby Lobby must be discontinuing these brands and I'm not sure if the clearance is nationwide or just here in Fredericksburg, Va.  They are located in the store with the clearance items, not with the brushes.  They range from $2-3 dollars, unbelievable.  This is a good chance to buy BIG brushes.

Also, with a coupon, buying a roll of primed canvas can be a good deal, even cheaper than buying canvas pads.  I found this one  at Michael's, but later discovered that Hobby Lobby has it, too. 

Next blog will be back to color mixing and the topic will be "How to brighten colors?".  I have to paint same examples  so it might be a day or two. 
The canvas in the background is from the roll I bought.  I use it for studies. 
I like flat brushes the best.

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  1. Great tip, Carol! Hobby Lobby made a set of brushes I use with my young students which have really lasted. They are about used up, though. I think I'll check it out! Happy painting!