Sunday, August 16, 2009


Paints: My favorite brand is Gamblin (available online), but there are many quality brands available, just make sure to get the professional grade rather than student grade. The professional grade has more pigment and is worth the difference in price.

Limited Palette:
Lemon yellow or cad yellow light
Cadmium yellow
Cadmium red light
Alizarin crimson
Ultramarine blue
Cerulean blue
Cobalt blue (nice to have, close to primary blue, but it is expensive
Titanium white

I use a few more colors, but you can mix just about every possible color with this limited palette. Some artists use fewer than these yellows, reds and blues.


Filberts (a flat brush that is rounded at the end)
Brights (flat at end)

Get sizes 4, 6, and 8 in each

Get bristle brushes to start in a moderate price range. Later you will need some softer ones.

My favorite brand is Silver Brush, Grand Prix

Small palette knife
Sketch Book (spiral)
Palette (palette paper, glass palette or wooden palette)
Odorless mineral spirits (Gamblin brand is the one I like, but there are others, like Turpenoid)

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